Small Rules to use our site

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Small Rules to use our site

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:17 pm

I won't allow new users from several countries for several reasons

What is not allowed:
Blocking sites  Exclamation
Blocking scripts  Exclamation
Making invalid hits  Exclamation
No respecting our advertisers , other users  Exclamation
Making multiple accounts  Exclamation
Ignoring admin emails  Exclamation
Hiding surf window or minimize is not allowed  Exclamation
Making everyday payouts requests, please be normal  ( We won't send everyday small amounts) Very Happy Very Happy
Spamming  Exclamation

You have to post payment proof in the forum. You are not forced this is your choice

What is allowed:
Usage script blockers is allowed but you have to config them, post is in the forum , otherwise is not allowed !!
Blocking autorefreshing use by ads is allowed


Not respect rules and any another cheating is not tollerated ! First warning , making payout request while cheating = your payout request will be marked as paid(you will loss money like us), doing still the same = ban from site



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