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News 2013-08-01

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:34 am

Hello dear users

As the today is 1st day of month , surf contest has been finished and prizes will be added today , cash prize will be send only if you contact with us through contact section

About users who use script blocker , list has been updated , you have to import it as fast is possible , before import please restart your browser

About extended upgrades:
Today I will check who got one month more and will be downgrade to Basique membership

About users who have pending payout request and not respect script blocking rules , please config it , I will not paid to users who even dont load any site

Next important:
All users must know FAQ of site , if you dont read and you did something it will be your fault .
About users who support autosurf:
I am glad to see that several users really wanna make autosurfptp better , so we will install new banner , one banner not work properly will be changed today

Most payments will be send today for honest users only , cheaters will not get money here

Regards and good surfing for all


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